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truly swiss made

Since the very beginning of the First Track Lab, we always fought for truly Swiss Made riding gear.


For our B2B clients, we're producing Swiss Made skis, Swiss Made snowboards, Swiss Made kiteboards etc. for our clients, honoring high quality standards.


No cheating, all prototypes and all series products are 100% made in Switzerland. All our clients have access to our factory and can visit anytime. 

Photo credit: @mirtewashere

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based in verbier

Our factory is based in Verbier, Switzerland. We're litterally one gondola ride away from the iconic Verbier 4 Vallées resort, awarded World's Best Ski Resort in 2021 and 2022.

In this iconic area, we have the opportunity to test the skis & snowboards on any terrain with all kind of practitioners (alpine, touring, freeride...). 


Photo credit: @mirtewashere

First Track Lab - Swiss Snowboard Production - _mirtewashere (2).jpg

european materials

To remain consistent with local production, our objective is to have 100% of our raw materials sourced in the European region. 

Today, our average product contains 95% of European materials and we're working on alternatives for the remaining 5%. 

Beyond the limitation of transportation, regional sourcing is also a way for us to increase traceability through trusted partnerships with our providers.

Photo credit: @mirtewashere

First Track Lab - Swiss Snowboard Factory - _raphaelsurmont_edited.jpg

100% renewable energy

In Switzerland we have an important amount of renewable energy available and notably water dam electricity that represents 97% of our production power mix. The remaining 3% is composed of other sustainable sources (solar, wind...).

And for the building's heating, we use wood waste from local wood exploitation. 

Photo credit: @mirtewashere

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