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First Track Lab - About
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in short...

The First Track Lab is a development & production hub for riding equipment, based in Verbier, Switzerland. 

Our vision: to create a new era for ski, snowboard, kiteboard & wakeboard manufacturing. 

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First Track Lab - Swiss Ski Factory - _mirtewashere.jpg

our mission.

Introduce alternative ways to produce riding equipment and create new business opportunities for your brand.

Fast & flexible product R&D

Agile & demand-driven production

Swiss Made quality products

Local, increased sustainability

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a unique facility.

We recently opened our new site: a smart & agile production facility, leveraging 4.0 manufacturing technologies. 

For us, the future of hardware production is materialising through short & reactive production cycles, high flexibility and limited stocks. 

This new approach allows brands to produce locally and based on the effective demand. As a result, it helps lower the overall transportation impact, reducing waste and optimising the financial risk. 

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Awards, partners & press features

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Here to assist you at any stage of your value chain.


Launch audacious projects with high agility and limited risk.

We turn your ideas into reality.


Unlock new commercial models, production becomes an opportunity, not a constraint.

We adapt boost your value chain.


Develop new products with unprecedented speed & flexibility.

We press your prototype in 24h.


Leverage top industry experts and take your business to the next level.

We answer the big questions.

First Track Lab - Our Services

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client selection.

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First Track Lab - Clients
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Client projects & partnerships selection.

Gin Kiteboarding x First Track Lab

Verbier x First Track Lab

Xavier de le Rue x First Track Lab

Black-Line x First Track Lab

Anticonf x First Track Lab

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First Track Lab - Meet the crew
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"First Track Lab is the brainchild of Yoann Chapel and Selim Abdi, a classic pair of disrupters out to shake up traditional ski manufacturing." 

the telegraph

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  • First Track Lab - LinkedIn

yoann chapel
Co-founder, Lab Captain

Swiss knife marketing & management expert with 10 years marketing agency track.

Managed a team of 20+ people in Geneva and structured HR for a 70 people team in Shanghai.

Account manager for large accounts: TAG Heuer, Vacheron Constantin, IMD, Piaget…

Managed marketing & communications at Anticonf and Movement skis.

selim abdi
Co-founder, Head of Disruption

Unique set of skills covering riding equipment design, R&D and production at all scales.

Repositioned, harmonized, and redesigned all Movement ski collections.

Managed Tunisian ski factory AST with a production capacity of 50K pairs of ski / year.

Founder of Anticonf, designer of the award-winning Next Core technology.

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  • First Track Lab - LinkedIn

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